Creation & Project

Chibi characters made for video footage.

There are 20 styles poses and emotions for different kinds of situations.

Comic style visual effects made for video footage.
Free for download, availabe for your personal or commercial projects.

Comic style visual effects series 2 made for video footage.
Availabe for your personal or commercial projects.

Pet Photos in watercolor art style.

The watercolor pet portraits that have been made include cats, dogs, hedgehogs, and birds.

They are also made into videos with famous quotes.

Get ideas by combining keywords and photos.

You will enjoy the process in a mysterious magic world.

A to Z Animals is a video content for English learning beginner. Look at 26 animals in different poses and learn who they are.

Promotion Video, which is created by 2D animation / motion graphic.

Mazelane Original Characters.
Characters are all on a mission.

Characters in Fantasy World.

The warrior and the wizard are just right there.